Anatomical Chart - Shoulder & Elbow, Laminated


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This 3B Scientific® shoulder and elbow chart facilitates patient communication. Many physicians and physical therapists use human anatomy charts to explain complex medical issues and treatment options to patients. The anatomical chart of shoulder and elbow provides bright illustrations that permit lay individuals to visualize anatomical structures accurately. It's also useful in academic settings such as anatomy and physiology courses and labs.

Its bright colors and clear drawings make it easy for individuals without medical training to differentiate shoulder and elbow bones, muscles and tendons. The elbow anatomy poster includes snippets describing shoulder movement and the role of bursae.

The laminated surface makes it easy to remove markings made with a non-permanent marker or pen quickly. Both sides feature lamination to increase product longevity. The shoulder anatomy chart has thick, 125-micron lamination to reduce curling when unrolled.

Is the shoulder anatomy chart printed on regular paper?

It features 200 g premium glossy paper that's easy to wipe clean.

Is the elbow bone anatomy chart resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays?

The poster has a special coating that keeps it from fading when exposed to sunlight.


  • The 3B Scientific anatomical chart of shoulder and elbow simplifies patient communication
  • Medical practitioners use the shoulder anatomy chart to explain illnesses and treatment options to patients
  • The poster helps lay individuals understand anatomical structures
  • Many educational institutions use this elbow bone anatomy chart during anatomy and physiology classes
  • Its brightly colored, detailed drawings facilitate anatomical structure identification
  • The product provides information about shoulder movement and the role of bursae
  • Instructors and practitioners can easily wipe away notes made with non-permanent markers
  • The product's 125-micron lamination limits curling
  • It's printed on 200 g premium glossy paper that's easy to keep clean
  • The shoulder anatomy poster features a UV-resistant coating to limit fading

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