Seal-Tight® Original Cast & Bandage Protectors


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Protect your cast during baths and showers with Seal-Tight® cast and bandage protectors. Choose from options to protect the cast around your hand, arm, leg or ankle/foot. Other options include shower patches that protect bandages on the torso or back. For casts, the easy-to-apply application ring fits tightly. A polyvinyl barrier fits over the cast or bandage to prevent water from getting to it. There are no straps or hooks to deal with for optimal convenience. Whether you need a Seal Tight arm cast protector or a shower patch, rest assured that the durable product is reusable. Protectors come in various sizes, including different widths and lengths to suit adults and children. 

  • Seal-Tight cast and bandage protectors provide protection from water
  • They cater to casts on arms, hands, legs and feet as well as bandages on other areas
  • Various size and limb options meet the needs of children and adults

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