SC Draw Chair with ClintonClean™ Armrests


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Accommodate medical establishments by ordering this SC draw chair with ClintonClean™ armrests , or browse other medical practice supplies. The design of this chair ensures quick and professional cleanups between blood draws. 

Tubular steel material gives this bariatric phlebotomy chair durability for long-term use in the medical industry. Height and depth adjustable armrests offer a simple way to adjust this chair for different patients. Users can flip arm positions of draw chairs in and out to ensure effortless use.

The plastic seat is available in black to contrast with the steel construction. The color on ClintonClean materials doesn't scratch off with frequent use, which means that there's little chance of bacteria forming on the chair. Use common disinfectants and cleaning supplies to maintain this draw chair. 

What is the weight capacity of this blood draw chair?
With a weight capacity of 300 lbs, this medical chair remains stable under normal conditions.

What are some visual features of the SC draw chair?

A powder-coated frame finish in gray gives this chair a slick and modern look, which matches other medical practice furniture supplies.


  • Equip hospitals and private practices by choosing this SC draw chair with ClintonClean armrests
  • The convenient design ensures fast and hassle-free cleanups between blood draws
  • This bariatric phlebotomy chair  has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, so it's safe to use under standard conditions
  • Steel armrests offer durability, and it's easy to flip arm positions in and out when patients sit and leave afterward
  • Take advantage of ClintonClean materials, which have a scratch-resistant quality to help prevent germs from forming on the surface
  • Standard cleaning agents and disinfectants are suitable for cleaning this blood draw chair and other physical therapy furniture
  • Aesthetic details of this draw chair include a gray finish with powder coating, which highlights a contemporary and professional look

Order lab chairs for drawing blood from CeilBlue™ to supply medical facilities, providing comfortable seating for patients. 

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