Safety Label - BIOHAZARD


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Warn staff and visitors about a dangerous biohazard area with this Safety Label — Biohazard. This label has a bright color with bold graphics, making it highly conspicuous. This Biohazard label warns staff and visitors to wear protective gear, helping prevent accidents and exposure to dangerous substances. This sign comes in two different materials, including adhesive vinyl and Dura-Vinyl™. The adhesive vinyl version of this sign has square corners and perforated backing for easy peel-off and application. It's moisture-resistant, ideal for indoor and sheltered settings. The Dura-Vinyl Biohazard sign features rounded corners and is resistant to abrasions, chemicals and solvents, making it a durable choice for industrial and manufacturing units.

  • This Biohazard label warns personnel and visitors about a dangerous zone
  • It comes in two materials, including adhesive vinyl and Dura-Vinyl
  • It features bright colors and bold graphics, making it prominently visible

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