SAFEskin Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Protect yourself from infectious bacteria, viruses, pathogens, blood and body fluids of sick patients with these SAFEskin™ Purple Nitrile exam gloves. These gloves enhance the safety of healthcare workers, preventing the risk of contracting infections. These SAFEskin exam gloves are latex-free, preventing allergies and skin irritation. They offer greater dexterity and touch and feel sensitivity, helping you carry out medical exams with accuracy. These SAFEskin purple nitrile gloves have textured fingertips for improved grip. They offer protection against exposure to various chemotherapy drugs and are durable, thanks to the nitrile polymer. There are 100 hospital exam gloves in a pack and they feature beaded cuffs for easy wearing and preventing them from rolling down.

  • These SAFEskin exam gloves protect you against infectious material and germs during patient exams
  • They are latex-free, preventing allergies and skin irritations
  • They have a unique design that offers greater tactile sensitivity for precise medical exams

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