Royal Crest Thermal Snag Free Hospital Blanket


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Retain heat for your patients and keep them comfortable with the Royal Crest® thermal snag-free hospital blanket. Aid in convalescence and recovery efforts by keeping your patients warm via body heat regulation. When considering hospital linens, look for blended materials that offer warmth and air circulation. The Royal Crest hospital thermal blanket is made of heavyweight linen with a 55/45 cotton-polyester mix. The blanket is also constructed with double-stitched hems for extra durability, and is snag-free due to its tightly woven materials.

These hospital bed linens come in white in a 66 in. x 90 in., 3 lb. standard size and a 74 in. x 108 in., 4 lb. size for taller patients. The snag-free hospital blankets are durable and resist tears and snags that could possibly put holes in the blankets over time. This durability may also lower costs related to medical supplies over time with less replacement blankets needed. These blankets are soft, comfortable, and heavy where it counts to keep body heat intact.

How many blankets come in an order?

There are a dozen blankets that come in a order from CeilBlue™ for the 3 lb. and 4 lb. sizes.

What makes these blankets more durable than your average hospital blanket?

The Royal Crest blankets are made with double-stitched hems, and the tight weave of the materials helps prevent snags and pulls. Consider these blankets when shopping for physical therapy supplies to help with patient comfort.


  • The Royal Crest thermal snag-free hospital blanket provides heat retention and improved comfort for patients
  • The blankets are made out of durable materials to extend the life of the blanket under normal use
  • The durability of these blankets is extended due to the tight weave, snag-free design
  • These blankets come in two different sizes - 66 in. x 90 in. and 74 in. x 108 in.
  • The blankets come in 3 lb. and 4 lb. weights

Extend the comfort of your patients and the life of your blankets by getting the Royal Crest hospital thermal blanket.

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