Rib Belt - White


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Reach for a 6" Rib Belt from Mastex Health to maximize support and limit the back's range of motion. The long hook-and-loop attachment method ensures these medical rib belts fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes spanning from 24 in. to 48 in. Choose from male, female and universal styles to find the most comfortable elastic rib belt for an array of clients. The 6 in. height adds support to all versions, and the contoured bust of the female model provides an improved fit for ladies.

  • Limit the back's range of motion and optimize support with a rib compression belt from Mastex Health
  • Fits a range of body sizes spanning from 24 in. to 48 in.
  • Choose between male, female and universal elastic rib belt styles to find the optimum fit

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