Rheumatic Diseases Chart


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The Rheumatic Diseases chart clearly shows the anatomy of rheumatic disease in colorful detail. Other important and useful information about the disease is also on the chart. The manufacturer thickly laminates this chart and prints it on premium 200-gram ultraviolet (UV) ray-resistant paper for a high-gloss finish. The rheumatic diseases poster has 125-micron lamination to prevent it from curling up at the edges. The paper has abrasion resistance, doesn't fade and maintains clarity over long periods due to the UV-resistant treatment. The chart is on convenient 20 in. x 26 in. paper, and it allows for writing and wiping off by nonpermanent markers.

  • The colorful representation of the disease captures attention, making it an effective visual tool
  • The UV-resistant treatment safeguards the high quality of the rheumatic diseases chart by cushioning it against fading
  • The paper doesn't curl up at the edges as a result of 125-micron lamination that ensures no loss of quality

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