Ghent Reversible Whiteboard with Wood Frame


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This Ghent® Reversible Whiteboard with Wood Frame has a smooth whiteboard installed on hardboard for stability. The reversible whiteboards have a mechanism that makes it easy to flip to the other side. The strong steel clamp secures the board in any position and is adjustable as needed. The double-sided mobile whiteboard offers an optional set of four casters and added bracing on the legs for easy mobility and stability. Each portable unit comes with an accessory tray, including four markers and an eraser for convenience. It has a 10-year warranty, offering users reliable service. It's a product of the United States.

  • The manufacturer mounts the smooth whiteboard on hardboard to ensure stability when writing on it
  • The reversing mechanism of these reversible whiteboards makes it easy to flip them
  • An accessory tray that holds your markers and erasers comes with each unit 

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