Restroom Sign - WOMEN


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Help women customers, clients or the public, in general, find their way to the restroom with a restroom sign for women. They come in three kinds of material for your environmental preference: adhesive vinyl, plastic and aluminum. Each of these women's restroom signs has a professional quality that meets the standards for easy viewing. Each signage is 3 in. x 10 in. with the same printed design and wordage. However, they differ based on the exterior or interior requirements such as uneven surfaces, non-glare finish and ultraviolet (UV) ray-protected overcoat. Some of these ladies' washroom signs are for outdoors while others are for indoors or both. 

  • Post these women restroom signs to designate each location clearly
  • There are three types of signs made with different material for varied settings 
  • The women bathroom signs are either for the interior, exterior or both

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