Black Replacement Frames for Eye Shields


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

With a wraparound layout, a replacement frame for eye shields allows you to wear it over your prescription glasses and face masks. Made from lightweight materials, it provides enhanced comfort during lengthy wearing sessions. Its unique build offers increased airflow for ample ventilation, allowing use in varying environments. An eye shield frame securely holds lenses in place, to protect your eyes from exposure to potentially infectious splashes or sprays. With a smooth radius curve, the dental visor frame fits replacement shields seamlessly for optimal protection. Since it’s reusable, it saves you replacement costs. Made of easy-to-clean plastic, you can speedily wash and disinfect it after every use to prevent cross-contamination. Its sturdy build makes it durable.

  • With a wraparound layout, an eye shield frame is comfortable
  • Its unique build offers improved airflow
  • Its lightweight design enhances portability

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