Renal Corpuscle Kidney Model


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Get this renal corpuscle kidney model that displays a cross-section of the Bowman’s capsule and the glomerulus inside the Malpighian corpuscle. Mounted on a baseboard, this 3B Scientific® model depicts a functional unit of the kidney and comes with a well-designed user manual. The renal corpuscle model shows the glomerular capillaries that are responsible for the filtration of blood plasma. Easy to maneuver during anatomy classes and patient sessions, this hand-painted teaching tool presents all features in great detail. Study the human kidney with this detailed renal anatomy model that's 700 times larger than full size.

  • The renal corpuscle model is mounted on a baseboard and is 700 times full size 
  • It comes with a manual to use with this hand-painted, kidney cross-section
  • The intricate model is easy to maneuver during patient sessions and anatomy classes

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