Relief Pak English Ice Cap Reusable Cold Compress


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Relief Pak English style ice bag cold compresses are made of waterproof rubberized fabric with a plastic screw cap to securely keep the ice and melt water inside the bag. Bags are made of heavy duty material and are reusable.

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

Customer Review Summary

A few reviewers had issues with product performance. They said the bag was too cold and required a towel during use. However, 86% of users love the ice bag. They like how easily it fills and that it stays cold overnight. If issues arise, ask about the 30-day satisfaction guarantee from CeilBlue™.

Customers expressed concern regarding the bag's quality. Some said it had holes while others said it needs more insulation. Overall, 82% of buyers said it's of high quality. They said it stands up to use by people and pets. With no minimum order quantities, purchase any amount needed.

Some people had issues with product size. They said the bag was smaller than anticipated. Most customers, 77%, liked the variety of sizes. They said it was right for what they needed. For convenience, multiple sizes are available to fit a variety of needs.

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