Relief Pak Cold n' Hot Elastomer Pack


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Relief Pak® Cold 'n Hot Elastomer Pack is flexible enough to take the shape of its applied location with ease. Each package includes 12 packs. The cold-and-hot pack has an outside fabric cover that provides durability and allows cold or heat to seep through easily. The cover features hook-and-loop straps to secure the pack in place. Either heat or chill the supple gel pack according to your needs and apply to the affected area for pain relief. The large variety of available sizes includes some that suit the head, eye or shoulder.

  • The cold-and-hot pack is made from gel that is flexible to conform to the area of application
  • The outside wrap allows for cold and heat to reach affected areas easily for quick pain relief
  • The stretch cover provides conformity, heat transfer and comfort

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