Rat Brain Anatomical Model


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This rat brain anatomical model disassembles into two halves. The right half shows the cerebrum, brain stem and cerebellum in color-coded structures for identification. The rat brain model has a mainly transparent left half, showing a view of the hippocampus and the left lateral ventricle for better understanding. Both halves are shown in the median section, while the right half is also visible externally. This rat brain 3D comes on a base for stability. For comparison purposes, this model provides you with a natural cast of the rat brain and an illustration of the human brain in the median section.

  • The rat brain model pulls apart in two halves for easier study
  • The color-coding of the brain structures make it an effective tool for easily identifying and differentiating the parts
  • The base offers stability for the model so that it doesn’t topple during demonstrations

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