Puttycise Theraputty tool - Manual only


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Use this Puttycise® TheraPutty® tool manual only in conjunction with Puttycise TheraPutty hand exercise material. This manual contains detailed explanations about the various Puttycise TheraPutty tools, giving detailed guidance on how to use them. This Puttycise TheraPutty manual improves the effectiveness of hand exercise tools. The tools help strengthens hand and finger muscles as they help patients simulate everyday activities like opening a door or holding a straw. This product includes the Puttycise manual only. The hand exercise tools are available separately for purchase or as a set in a portable kit.

  • This Puttycise TheraPutty manual explains how to use brand's hand exercise tools
  • It contains detailed explanations about the tools
  • This includes the manual only

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