Puttycise Theraputty tool - Carry bag only


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This Puttycise® Theraputty tool — carry bag only — fits five tools that offer beneficial hand exercise. This convenient carry bag ships as the only piece, while the exercise tools are available on CeilBlue™ for purchase separately or as a set that includes the bag and a manual. Puttycise Theraputty tools help the user simulate everyday tasks, such as opening the door, tightening lids or holding a glass of water. This strengthens the muscles, joints and ligaments of the hand, improving mobility, dexterity and movement. The zippered bag with a hanger attachment makes it convenient to carry Theraputty tools and accessories.

  • This is a handy bag that fits the five Puttycise Theraputty tools
  • It includes a zippered closure to keep the tools secure
  • This carry bag also has a hanger attachment

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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