Pro Massage Chair


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The manufacturer uses high-quality squeak-free, anti-wobble metal in the construction of this Pro Massage chair to increase its stability. They also use polyurethane (PU) leather to make it water-resistant and durable. This folding massage chair has an adjustable seat, head support, armrest and chest pad, enabling the patient to sit in the perfect position despite their height. The adjustable parts have high-density, small-cell foam padding that is 3 in. thick, to increase the patient’s comfort. This Pro Massage chair has a safety lock system that keeps it locked in place. It has rubber footings that prevent it from scratching the floor. It's lightweight, making it easily portable and has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. It's available in black, blue and burgundy.

  • The high-quality metal gives the chair stability
  • The adjustable parts of the folding massage chair allow patients of different heights to use it
  • The rubber footings stop it from scratching the floors

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