PRO Birthing Simulator


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

All-Inclusive Training for Normal and Complicated Deliveries

  • Enhances delivery skills, reactions in normal and emergency situations, and the ability to follow protocols
  • Training for intrauterine manipulation of fetus, artificial rupture of membranes, clamping and cutting the umbilical cord, and Leopold maneuver
  • Visualize how manual maneuvers affect the fetus in-utero
  • Training for standard vaginal delivery and delivery of umbilical cord and placenta, palpation and assessment of fetal position and presentation, and diagnosis of normal and abnormal fetal positions and presentations
  • Manual system for controlling the rotation and speed of delivery fetus
  • Adult female lower torso has anatomically correct landmarks including the pelvis, pelvic cavity, and spine
  • Fully articulating fetus has an open mouth, tiltable head, should blades, and anatomically correct fontanelles
  • Fetus positions are easy to change when training on the birthing process
  • Easy-to-clean vinyl and silicone
  • Easily switch out of parts with pin connections (no tools necessary)
PRO Birthing Simulator Includes:
  • Base body
  • Removable abdominal wall
  • Removable two-layer abdominal wall insert made of cuttable silicone
  • Removable inflatable uterus insert with cuttable and exchangeable upper uterine wall
  • Removable anatomically shaped cervix
  • Removable modeled vulva with vagina
  • 100 amnion inserts
  • Safety strap
  • Lubricant
  • Amniotic fluid additive
  • Accessory set with 5mm Allen key, 3 spare clips, and 15 clip holders
  • Baby with removable umbilical cord with two clamps, placenta, and adherent placenta parts

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