8" Premium Wrist Brace with Spica


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The 8" Premium Wrist Brace with Spica has strong fabric for durability. The fabric provides heat and compression to the wrist ligaments, allowing for healing. The interior of the premium wrist brace has a lycra lining that's elastic and breathable. The brace is available for both the left and right hands and in four sizes for a variety of choices. The wrist support band has a V-notch at the fifth metacarpophalangeal to allow for palmar spread. It also allows for 90 degrees metacarpophalangeal flexion since it contours along the distal palmar crease. It comes with easy-to-use contact closure straps and a removable palmar stay. 

  • It has strong fabric for compression and durability
  • The premium wrist brace has lycra lining for breathability
  • It comes with easy-to-use closure straps

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