mg/mL Pre-Cut Medication Label Tape


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Supplying pharmacists and medical practitioners with mg/mL pre-cut medication label tape helps ensure dispensed drugs include all the information needed to track their preparation, usage and disposal. Labels with preprinted information fields also remind staff to provide complete information, which can improve patient safety when dispensing medications.

While many medical labels include preprinted medication names, these products have a blank field for the drug name and dosage that includes an mg/mL unit of measurement designation. Expiration date labels with blank drug-name fields offer greater flexibility and are attractive options for pharmacies that dispense a broad range of medications. The mg/mL unit indicator is suitable for a broad range of drug products.

Some medicines lose potency over time, and tracking preparation and expiration dates for these materials is a crucial part of pharmacy management. These medication stickers have preprinted fields that remind pharmacists to provide complete time-and-date information so that patients receive medications while they are at full potency. Proper labeling also lets pharmacists identify and dispose of expired products in a timely fashion.

How many labels are in each package?

Each package contains 500 labels rolled on a paper backing tape. This delivery format makes dispensing labels quick and easy and helps keep tags organized and accessible. Using pre-cut medication labels with matching dispensers further simplifies record-keeping tasks.

What information can you record on these medication stickers?

Each label has preprinted fields for the following information:

  • A blank field with an mg/mL label provides space for the medication name and dosage
  • The prep-date field shows the preparation date of the material
  • Record the medication's expiration date in the appropriate field
  • An expiration time field allows additional detail for time-sensitive medications
  • Use the initials field to identify who prepared the material
  • The pre-cut medication label tape comes in rolls that are easy to dispense

Keep pharmacological records organized, dispose of expired medications efficiently, and enhance patient safety by choosing medication labels with preprinted fields for crucial information.

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