Kinesio® Pre-cut Kinesiology Tape - Wrist Support


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Use Kinesio® pre-cut kinesiology tape for wrist support to make pain management easier for patients who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist injuries and sprains. Sold in cases of 20, each packet comes in two pieces: a blue strip, which goes vertically on the arm, and a black strip that goes around the wrist. This Kinesio pre-cut tape supports reduced swelling and inflammation and reduces pain. The stretchy tape allows movement, and it's latex-free for those with allergies. The water-resistant product is breathable, comfortable and wearable for up to three days.

  • The Kinesio tape for wrists supports decreased pain and swelling
  • Patients can wear the water-resistant product for up to three days
  • The breathable and latex-free tape comes in a case of 20

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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