Kinesio® Pre-cut Kinesiology Tape - Shoulder Support


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Relieve shoulder pain and discomfort with this Kinesio® pre-cut kinesiology tape for shoulder support. The complicated anatomy of shoulders combined with repetitive use in daily life can lead to significant wear and tear, leading to pain and inflammation. Use this Kinesio pre-cut tape to support muscles, joints, soft tissues and bones surrounding the shoulders. Sold in cases of 20, each pack includes a single-use, customizable tape and step-by-step instructions. This Kinesio tape for the shoulder is 100% latex-free and water-resistant. Its lightweight and breathable material makes it easy to wear for up to two to three days. Use this tape to help decrease shoulder swelling and pain and accelerate active recovery from minor injuries.

  • This Kinesio pre-cut tape supports shoulder muscles and joints
  • This tape relieves pain and discomfort resulting from minor injuries and straining
  • It's 100% latex-free and water-resistant

20 per case

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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