Kinesio® Pre-cut Kinesiology Tape - Back Support


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Add support to overstretched muscles and reduce lower back pain with Kinesio® pre-cut kinesiology tape for back support. Each one of 20 packets comes with customizable strips and instructions for convenient use. One pink and two black l-strips are available to counter various sciatic conditions. The Kinesio back support product doesn't limit movements, so individuals can be comfortable during sporting activities. The latex-free, breathable material ensures two- to three-day wear. It's also water-resistant.

  • Relieve back pain efficiently by wearing pre-cut kinesiology tape, which includes 20 packets per order
  • It's suitable for patients with sciatic conditions and overstretched back muscles
  • Breathable and lightweight tape is practical for two- to three-day wear

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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