Body-Solid Resistance Bands 5 Pack


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This Body-Solid® resistance band 5-pack is great for giving your patients a range of exercise motion. Not only are the resistance bands offered in this package great for working a variety of muscle groups, the varying thicknesses of the bands allow for a progressive buildup in strength for patients at different stages of their recovery. These bands allow for exercise that does not damage the joints through harmful impact. Your choice of physical therapy resistance bands is an important part of how you manage your practice, so you need to choose how you will better help your patients. You may want an emphasis on low-impact exercise methods that give patients many ways of exercising their muscles. 

Your patients need to develop muscles after an injury. This is where your choice of physical therapy supplies comes into play. With these stretch bands, you now have a better way of providing your patients with the strength-restoring exercises they need. Each thickness of band comes in a different level of resistance, so if you have a patient who is just starting out, you can help them get a small level of control over their recovering muscles. If you have a patient near the end of their physical therapy sessions, the thickest band can help them get their full strength back. 

What strengths do these resistance bands come in?

This Body-Solid band set comes in a pack of five, meaning you can offer exercises for every level of muscle control.

How do these gym bands give better exercise to the patient?

These resistance bands help patients have a contrasting method for exercise, giving them a new level of control.

What exercises work best with these resistance bands?

You can provide several aerobic exercises with these useful resistance bands.


  • Provide a better form of exercise to your patients with these Body-Solid resistance band 5-packs
  • Your patients can exercise no matter their muscle strength with the different resistance levels
  • You can offer aerobic exercises to your patients with these handy resistance bands
  • You can avoid joint damage through the impact-free exercises these bands provide

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