Portable Massage Chair


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Make therapy sessions easier and more convenient with a portable massage chair that adapts to different body types. This handy equipment features an ergonomic structure that helps a patient relax and maintain proper alignment. This foldable portable massage chair with a 500-lb. weight capacity comes with a durable metal construction for optimal support. Adjust the seat height, sternum pad or face rest to accommodate individual needs and deliver personalized comfort. Available with a storage case. this lightweight portable massage chair enhances mobility so you can provide services while on the go. With its space-saving design, it's also easy to fit the chair even in small areas. Plus, the blue upholstery on this fold-up massage chair simplifies cleanups for quick maintenance.

  • This foldable portable massage chair with carrying case facilitates ease of handling and transportation
  • Adjustable features offer customization options to meet varying needs
  • The easy-to-clean upholstery reduces maintenance time

Orders for this item typically ship within 20 business days.

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