Polypropylene Funnel with Standard Stem, 150mm pk6


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This Polypropylene Funnel with Standard Stem, 150mm, is clear, allowing you to see the contents of your sample. It has a long stem that's good for transferring powder or filling bottles and enables it to balance well in long tubes. The manufacturer makes this polypropylene funnel using highly durable material. It has external ribs that prevent airlocks. The wide top of this clear funnel makes it easy to pour samples and avoid spillage. It's autoclavable, making it easy to clean and disinfect. It has a smooth wall surface that limits splashing. Comes in a six-count pack.

  • The long stem of this polypropylene funnel is suitable for substance transfer
  • The walls of the funnel are smooth and clear for ease of use and cleanup
  • The ease of pouring materials is due to the wide top

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