Point Relief® Massage Bars


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The Point Relief® massage bar comes in a convenient size for seamless maneuverability, enabling self-use on various body parts. Its easy-to-use handheld layout enables diverse applications, including sports-related injuries and fitness training. Equipped with built-in massage balls that rotate, you can target pressure points easily for muscle ache relief. The Point Relief massage therapy stick comes with two or three massage balls, enabling therapy on large muscle groups with ease. These balls feature a spiky exterior that offer a stimulating effect for enhanced blood circulation. Its padded handles provide a comfortable grip, ensuring the massage bar does not slip. Made of durable materials, this spiky ball on a stick allows intensive use in diverse environments, including outdoors. Its lightweight design makes it easily portable.

  • A lightweight massage therapy stick is easily portable
  • Its built-in balls stimulate circulation
  • With multiple balls, you can target muscle groups

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