Pocket Veinlite Vein Finder


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Pocket Veinlites add hand-held convenience to patented and clinically proven side transillumination method to illuminate superficial veins for venous access. With the unique C-shaped design and light emitting diodes, superficial veins can be seen and accessed anywhere on the body - without any guesswork.

  • Veinlite LED model features 24 light-emitting diodes, runs on rechargeable battery, comes with a battery charger, and includes 50 protective covers.
  • Veinlite PEDI model is designed for babies, newborns and neonates. It has 12 LEDs and runs on a disposable lithium battery.
  • Veinlite LEDX is our most powerful LED transilluminator. Featuring a wider opening, a larger viewing area and 32 LEDs, the LEDX model has a deeper focus and is the ideal model for use on obese patients. With 24 orange and 8 red LEDs, this rechargeable unit also provides the highest contrast imaging for sclerotherapy treatments.

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