Diagnostix Pocket Diagnostic Set


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Fitted in a sturdy case, the ADC® (American Diagnostic Corporation) Diagnostix™ pocket diagnostic set keeps fragile components safe from mechanical damage. Its compartmentalized case provides organized and secure storage for your diagnostic tools to allow speedy access. This compactly designed set takes up little storage space. Made using lightweight materials, it offers increased portability. Its ergonomic metallic handle enhances comfort during use. With a battery-operated handle and interchangeable ophthalmoscope and otoscope heads, this portable diagnostic set is quick to set up and dissemble. Its otoscope features a wide-angle lens for an unobstructed view of the inner ear. With five aperture selections, its ophthalmoscope is versatile. The case includes multiple disposable ear specula, so you can prevent potential cross-contamination between patients.

  • A pocket diagnostic set with a sturdy case protects equipment
  • Compactly designed, it saves storage space
  • Its simple layout enhances ease of use

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