Pill Crusher Pouches


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Change the format of large bulky medical tablets with pill crusher pouches by Tiger Medical Products. This best practice may be paramount to your patients' well-being and medication safety as big unwieldy pills can pose a choking hazard. You can use pill crusher bags to grind pills down to a fine powder. Mix the powdered form of pill medications with water to dispense the dose with a feeding tube for those who have trouble with swallowing.

You can keep pill crushers alongside medication organizers to house them together to keep doses arranged correctly. Each pack of Tiger pill crushers comes with 50 pouches. There are 160 packs that come in an order, which supplies you with 8,000 pill crusher sleeves. Find pill crushers and other medical practice supplies at CeilBlue™.

How many bags come in an order?

There are 8,000 bags that come in an order, which is broken down into 160 packs of 50 bags each.

Are these bags durable enough to hold water to mix the crushed contents?

Yes, these bags can be used to mix liquids and the medication to administer as you wish.


  • You can increase the comfort and experience of dosing for your patients with the use of pill crusher pouches
  • Pill crusher bags are durable enough to hold liquids to mix up with the pill medications
  • Patients who have a difficult time swallowing food or water will benefit greatly from the use of pill crusher sleeves
  • Mixing water with the crushed pill medication inside the bag can facilitate the use of a feeding tube in administering doses for patients
  • One box of pill crusher bags can last for a long time with over 8,000 bags in the box

Improve your patient's experience in taking their medication with pill crusher bags from Tiger Medical Products.

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