Healers Medical Dog Boots Box Set ( 2 boots & 2 Gauze Pads)


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Including two booties and two gauze pad inserts, this Healers medical dog boots box set helps you care for your dog's injured or allergy-prone paws. The non-adherent gauze pads inserted inside the booties act like bandages that will not stick, helping your dog's paws heal faster. Healers medical dog boots are soft and comfortable for your pet's paws, ideal for indoor and light outdoor use. They feature nonslip rubber soles that allow the dog to have a firmer grip while walking on slippery hardwood floors. These medical pet boots are machine-washable and water-resistant and come in a variety of sizes. They have sturdy hook closures that prevent them from slipping off the paws.

  • Healers medical dog boots are ideal for injured or sore dog paws
  • The set includes two booties and two non-adherent gauze pad inserts
  • They feature nonslip rubber soles for better grip on slippery surfaces

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