Pelvis and Hip Anatomical Chart


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Injuries to the pelvis and hip can be some of the most debilitating injuries and as a result, they are also difficult to accurately communicate to patients due to the complexity of the bones, muscles, and nerves in that area of the body. This makes a pelvis and hip anatomical chart one of the best human anatomy charts you can supply to any practice that frequently diagnoses injuries in this region of the body. It is a full-color diagram that illustrates different views of the hip and pelvis, allowing practitioners to give a visual component to diagnoses and medical advice that may confuse some patients.

This skeletal system pelvis chart gives a complete anatomical and pathological view of the hip and pelvis, ideal for any practitioner who frequently diagnoses such injuries. There are more than a dozen full-color illustrations that give patients a unique level of knowledge and a better understanding of injuries that can befall the hip or pelvis. There are skeletal views of this important area of the body alongside depictions of the joints and tendons and even the musculature of the surrounding areas. This chart and human anatomy models are ideal for physical therapists, sports therapists and other practitioners that diagnose injuries to the hip and pelvis.

Is this poster laminated?

This poster is laminated. It's printed on glossy paper and is laminated on both sides, making it perfect for writing on with a dry erase marker.

Will this poster fade if put in direct sunlight?

This poster has a UV coating on its paper, meaning it will not turn yellow if left in direct sunlight.

How many visual references does this anatomical chart have?

This chart comes with more than a dozen pictures showing off the various functions of injuries that can happen to the hip and pelvis.


  • Give your patients a new level of insight into their injuries with this pelvis and hip anatomical chart
  • This poster comes on thick, glossy paper with lamination to prevent tearing
  • With detailed anatomical depictions of bones, joints, and muscles, you will be able to accurately provide a visual aid to patients
  • This chart comes with more than a dozen illustrations in full color
  • There is also UV coating on this chart's paper, protecting it from sun damage

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