Dinosaurs Pediatric Stickers - 200 per Roll


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

These dinosaurs pediatric stickers — 200 per roll — are an easy way to relieve the anxiety and stress that many kids experience when they visit a doctor's office. Make medical care more enjoyable by handing out dinosaurs pediatric stickers to your little patients. These vivid dinosaurs stickers instantly captivate the attention of young ones. With these stickers, kids feel more relaxed since it draws their attention away from the scariness of getting a shot or having an exam. Each sticker has three cute dinosaur images in striking colors like blue, green and orange. These perforated dinosaurs stickers feature perforations between each piece, making it easy for you to fold and carry them in your pocket. 

  • There are 200 stickers per roll
  • Each pediatric dinosaur sticker has three cute dinosaurs 
  • Each roll has perforations between stickers, making it easy to fold and carry

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