Patient Satisfaction Ultrasound Bundle


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Give your patients a more comfortable experience with this three-bottle thermasonic gel warmer. This patient satisfaction ultrasound bundle also includes twelve 0.25-liter bottles of hypoallergenic Aquasonic® 100 ultrasound gel. Save electricity with this low demand machine. The Parker gel warmer heats the gel bottles equally and has a built in cut-off to prevent overheating. The temperature is adjustable and maintained by the microprocessor control. This ultrasound gel warmer is impact-resistant and comes with a hospital-grade plug.

  • This bundle includes a three-bottle thermasonic gel warmer
  • Easily adjust the temperature to heat each bottle of gel uniformly without worrying about overheating
  • 12 x Aquasonic 100 ultrasound gel (0.25 liter per bottle)