P10/1 Patient Care Manikin PRO


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The following clinical nursing and patient care skills and competencies can be trained and evaluated: Patient and personal care: Transfer skills: lifting, carrying, and moving a patient Bed care of a patient Position changing and alignment of a patient Bathing a patient (genital care) Hair care (washing, combing, drying) Care and cleaning of eyes, ears and nose Personal hygiene and  mouth denture care (partially removable prosthesis) Bandaging (includes amputation stump) Wound treatment and care (surgical staple seam, laceration and abrasions) Communication skills, especially step by step explanation of care measures Medical care: Prevention of bedsores (Decubitus) Decubitus evaluation (stages 2-4) Decubitus care Prevention of muscle cramps Prevention of pneumonia Prevention of blood clots (Thromboses) Prevention of healthcare associated infection (HAI) by measures of medical asepsis and clean techniques Inhalation therapy Oxygen inhalation Use of ventilation bag (mouth to mouth and mouth to nose) Artificial respiration, oxygen treatment Care of tracheostomy Care of Diabetic Foot Syndrome (DFS) Ostomy care (colostomy) Irrigation of eyes and ears Intramuscular injections (buttocks) Subcutaneous injections (upper arms and thighs) Subcutaneous infusions The PRO version includes removable organs for these additional patient care training features: Enema administration Male catheterization CH14 Female catheterization CH 14 Gastric (stomach) lavage Intestinal irrigation Irrigation of the bladder Irrigation of the vagina Medical simulation training in healthcare: Training with the 3B Scientific® Patient Care Manikin PRO meets the OBRA requirements of Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs (NATCEP). Delivered with: Organs (lungs, heart, stomach, bladder and intestinal section), injection pads (upper arm, thigh, and buttocks), intestine tube, catheter, duodenal probe, talcum powder, Vaseline, lubricant, amputation stump, inserts with wound depictions (upper arm and thigh), and tools for fitting.
  • Build and evaluate patient care and nurse aid competencies!   It is made of durable, unbreakable, and water-resistant plastics for longevity in the everyday training use.
  • The 3B Scientific® Patient Care Manikin PRO for simulation in healthcare was developed for scenario based training of patient care and advanced nursing skills.
  • The patient care manikin simulates an adult, life-size patient, with interchangeable genitals.
  • It can be positioned like a real patient with natural movement of the arms, legs, and joints. You can even make the patient care manikin sit upright in the bed for treatments.

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