Patient Bed Remote and Phone Caddy


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Make sure that when your patients are in bed, they have everything they need within reach with this patient bed remote and phone caddy. When patients need to stay at a hospital or medical center, waiting around can take up a lot of their time. They're frequently waiting for tests, test results and consultations, so they'll need something to keep their minds occupied. This is where this hospital bed rail caddy becomes an important accessory for your medical practice furniture.

This patient bed remote holder pivots as the bed raises and lowers, bringing it within the patient's reach no matter what position the bed is in. The remote stays vertical inside the casing, making it easy to grab it, use it and put it away when done.

While medication safety in a medical facility is always a top priority, there are other ways to promote patient comfort. This hospital bed caddy provides a sense of autonomy for patients who like to retain a little bit of independence while they're in hospitals or medical centers for extended stays or testing. Placing their phones and remotes in the caddy allows them access to entertainment and contact with their friends and family.

What size is the caddy?

The caddy is 4 in. x 3.6 in. x 7.5 in. 

How does the caddy mount onto the bed rail?

The caddy mounts on either the inside or the outside of the bed rail. 

Are the cords cut off while in use?

The caddy's design prevents the cords from getting tied off.

What color is this patient bed remote and phone caddy?

This phone and remote caddy is clear, allowing for a full view of the contents inside.

Features and benefits:

  • The patient bed remote and phone caddy pivots so that it remains within patients' reach
  • The clear material makes the contents inside visible
  • Remotes stay vertical inside the caddy, making them easy to reach
  • The caddy provides the patient with a sense of independence
  • The caddy's design prevents cords from getting tied off

Make this hospital bed rail caddy a permanent part of your medical center's roster of medical practice supplies so that patients and clients can relax and stay connected with friends and family while they're staying with you.

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