Pathological Eye Enlarged 5 Times


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This human eye model by 3B Scientific® shows an eye enlarged by a factor of 5. It is a perfect tool to assists the healthcare professional in educating patients in the anatomy and changes of the human eye. The easy to use switchable and didactilcally simplified representations of the retina and lens make it possible to explain clearly to the patient the typical changes that occur in a healthy eye due to common diseases. There are various eye problems that can affect one‘s vision, and with this model you can easily demonstrate the following diseases: - Subcapsular cataract - Cortical cataract - Nuclear cataract - Diabetic retinopathy - Hypertensive retinopathy - Papillary changes of glaucoma - Age-related macular degeneration - Papilloedema - Central retinal arterial occlusion - Central retinal venous occlusion - Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

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