Pandemic Response Cone Signs


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Use these safety cone signs to keep both your employees and customers safe and comply with regulations during pandemics. These orange cone signs have black writing, making them highly visible. The pictures on the signs ensure that everyone can easily understand the message. These pandemic response cone signs come in seven variations. Put up the "Keep Your Distance" sign during disease outbreaks to keep customers and staff aware of social distancing. Use the multipurpose signs during illnesses or for enforcing safety during normal business operations where contamination of products must be prevented. These include: "Mask Required," "Notice Use Hand Sanitizer," "Please Wear a Mask," "Notice Wash Your Hands" and "PPE Required." Use the "Employees Only Beyond This Point" sign to keep customers and clients out of private business areas. These cone signs fit most traffic cones. Dimensions of 7.5" x 10.5" ensure these signs are easy to see. These orange cone signs are easy to use due to their injection-molded one-piece design. Simply slot them into the top of the cones. The tapered tab at the bottom keeps the sign secure. They're easy to remove once they are no longer needed. Store them securely without taking up too much space thanks to their flat one-sided design. The purchase quantity starts at one to cater to small businesses. These signs can also be purchased in bulk.

  • These safety cone signs fit on most traffic cones
  • The cones are not included
  • These pandemic cone signs are orange with black print for good visibility
  • 7.5" W x 10.5" H
  • Injection-molded one-piece design for ease of use
  • Single-sided design
  • There are multipurpose signs suitable for normal business operations
  • Social distancing cone signs are effective for public awareness and warnings when there is a risk of contamination through proximity or touch

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