Orfit Eco Black Non-Stick Antibacterial


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Supply medical facilities with Orfit® Eco black non-stick antibacterial sheet material, available with mini perforation or without it. Browse through three dimension options to fit hospital or facility needs. Orfit NS (non-stick) sheets are practical for large orthoses as they feature non-stick surfaces that prevent bonding. Medical professionals can mould them directly over bandages in post-surgical situations. Since they are also remouldable if patients require adjustments, Orfit Eco sheets help prevent waste. With a smooth, comfortable finish, the product offers resistance to fingerprints. Recycled material makes them suitable for environmentally conscious establishments and individuals. 

  • Choose from three sizes of Orfit NS antibacterial sheet material, with non- or mini-perforated options
  • The smooth finish on the non-stick surface resists fingerprints
  • Made with recycled material, Orfit Eco sheets are convenient for environmentally conscious practices

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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