Orfit Eco


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Choose Orfit® Eco sheets that respond to low temperatures and are available in three pre-cut sizes. They're ideal for large, rigid orthoses. The non-coated material features excellent bracing rigidity with low to moderate elastic memory. Attain a comfortable orthosis with this thermoplastic splint material that therapists apply directly onto the patient for moulding. The recycled remouldable material won't stick to cotton linings and bandages in post-surgical scenarios. The smooth finish resists smudges and fingerprints. The off-white sheets are available in nonperforated and mini-perforated styles, depending on patient needs. Choose from individual sheets or packs of four. 

  • Orfit Eco, which comes in three pre-cut sheet sizes, offer excellent bracing rigidity for large orthoses
  • The material does not stick to linings and bandages in post-surgical settings
  • It responds to low temperatures and is remouldable

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