Orfit Colors Non-Stick - Ocean Blue


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Get the Orfit Colors Non-Stick - Ocean Blue and promote patient compliance to wearing a splint or brace. The Orfit NS is a precise and accurate molding that provides a nonage-specific and subtle brace. Its nonstick splint supportive coating allows for a temporary bond without clinging. You can also make a permanent bond by removing the nonstick coating and then applying localized dry heating. CeilBlue™ gives you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for the Orfit Colors NS. Orfit Patients Colors Ocean Blue will boost your patient's morale due to its appeal, and its shiny metallic finish. Featuring both nonperforated and microperforated styles and measuring 18 in. x  24 in. x 1.5 in. the Orfit Colors Ocean Blue is suitable for pediatric or hand and finger splints.

  • An aesthetically pleasing brace that is popular with sports athletes and children
  • Orfit Colors NS provides precise accurate body contour molding for splint support
  • Temporary bonding material that is pliable.

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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