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Orfilight® uncoated material allows for temporary bonding during the application process. Therapists can mold and stretch it without tearing as they craft orthoses and permanently bond it by applying dry heat. The Orfilight splinting material creates a comfortable, lightweight splint for patient comfort. It tolerates heavy handling, allows for remolding and trims easily. The Orfilight material features a tacky surface that helps it stay in place during heating to create an intimate fit. It's offered in micro-perforated, non-perforated and mini-perforated options depending on the Orfilight sheet size selected.

  • The Orfilight splinting material allows for molding and stretching without tearing
  • The material endures heavy handling and is moldable to fit
  • Choose from different sheet sizes and perforation styles

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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