Ghent OR Schedule Whiteboard


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Made in the USA, this Ghent® OR schedule whiteboard has prominent graphics. Use it anywhere in a hospital or clinic, including operating rooms (ORs), patient rooms and hallways. Visually enhanced graphics on this schedule whiteboard facilitate clear communication to patients and among the staff, reducing anxiety and improving collaboration. The whiteboard is easily cleanable with a soft cloth. It stands up to hospital-grade cleaners, alcohol, water and disinfectants, making it a durable choice. This weekly schedule whiteboard is resistant to bacteria and germs, so it's an appropriate option for hospitals and clinics that need infection-proof solutions. The gray graphics on this whiteboard blend well with most interiors and don’t stain or fade.

  • This schedule whiteboard has visually enhanced graphics for clear communication
  • It's easy to clean with water, alcohol and disinfectants
  • It’s bacteria- and germ-resistant

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