One-Sided Physical Therapy Staircase


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This one-sided physical therapy staircase is ideal for patients who want to get this crucial part of daily life back. This essential piece of physical therapy furniture is available in two different widths ― 30-in. and 36-in. ― to accommodate patients, both large and small. You can assist your patients on their way back to full strength by helping them climb up and down stairs in a controlled setting. In addition, this set of stairs works well in the home for those who want to take their physical therapy outside the confines of a physical therapy practice.

This set of physiotherapy training stairs can accommodate up to 500 lbs. of weight. This means that patients of any size will be able to climb up and down these model stairs. If you need to place a physical therapy practitioner at the top of the stairs or alongside the patient for additional support, you also have this option. There are safety treads on each step of this bariatric staircase. With these, you can help prevent patients from slipping or falling, and give them an easier time getting up and down the stairs. The base of these rehab stairs features solid hardwood with an UV-treated base to prevent warping and fading, making for supreme durability and dependability for many patients throughout its lifetime.

Is there bracing in this set of stairs?

This physiotherapy staircase comes with braces on its underside for a more sturdy and dependable experience.

How is the handrail secured?

This set of stairs has special bolts on the handrails to prevent them from swaying or becoming loose.

  • Assist your patients in restoring full motor function with this one-sided physical therapy staircase 
  • With 500 lbs. of maximum weight on these stairs, your patients can be confident they will stay sturdy
  • Special nonslip steps help prevent any unfortunate accidents from befalling patients as they step up and down
  • Two different widths allow for patients of different sizes to use this set of stairs with ease
  • This set of stairs is ideal for home use as well

If you are looking for physical therapy supplies for the home or medical practice, you can count on the CeilBlue™ selection of top-quality offerings.

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