Numbered Classic Skull


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Designed with colored details, the 3B Scientific® numbered classic skull model offers an accurate representation of anatomical features. It comes with precisely numbered parts, making it helpful in teaching anatomy of the skull. With an accompanying product key, you can quickly locate its enumerated parts such as sutures and fissures. You can disassemble this numbered human skull into three parts for clearer visual detail. Easily remove its skullcap to expose internal elements. Enjoy increased maneuverability thanks to its articulated and detachable mandible. Its hollow design enables the insertion of a brain model, which makes it versatile. Handmade from durable materials, this human skull anatomy model allows for intensive use. Built with individually molded teeth, its dental layout is realistic. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry.

  • Made from tough materials, this numbered human skull is durable
  • Removable parts offer a clear internal view
  • Its colored details enhance visibility

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