Nordic Gel Packs


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Relieve pain, soreness, swelling and inflammation around muscles, soft tissues, bones and joints with these Nordic Gel Packs. Applying these cold packs soon after an injury will instantly reduce swelling, muscle spasms and pain to kick-start quicker healing. These cold packs feature a superior-quality thick gel that retains cold for up to 30 minutes, providing long-lasting pain relief. The cervical gel pack and the other packs available have soft and durable vinyl material covers, resisting tearing or splitting. Soft and pliable, these packs conform to any body part so that you can use them in many ways. These Nordic packs provide cold therapy for targeted pain relief. Safe for sensitive skin, this vinyl-covered gel pack is nontoxic and reusable.

  • These Nordic gel packs provide cold therapy
  • They help reduce pain, swelling, soreness and inflammation
  • These gel packs feature soft and nontoxic vinyl material

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