Anatomical Chart - Nervous System Chart, Laminated


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Decorate the office walls of teachers, doctors, physiotherapists and healthcare professionals with a nervous system anatomical chart. Adding human anatomy charts to healthcare professional offices and classrooms helps patients and students learn about the development, function and structure of the nervous system anatomy in humans. Having visual aids that demonstrate how the human body works, which are included with facility medical supplies, may assist patients in better understanding their bodies and prescribed treatments. 

This 3B Scientific® nervous system chart features detailed diagrams with labels of the nerves and muscles in the body of a human male. In addition, the nervous system anatomy chart includes labeled close-up pictures of the brain sections, spinal cord and nervous system development in embryos. It also contains two cross-section diagrams: the thorax spinal nerve pathways and the fourth cervical vertebrae. 

How big is the human nervous system chart?

The poster format of this chart measures 20 x 25 in. (50 x 67 cm). 

Can this chart be hung on a wall easily?

The total weight of this chart is 0.44 lbs. (200 g). Its lightweight nature plus metal grommets make it easy to hang on walls or from ceilings using a variety of methods. 

What kind of finish does this poster have?

Both sides of this poster feature 6.35 microinches (125 microns) lamination. A laminated finish makes the chart easy to clean, enhances durability and accepts notations with a marker.


  • The nervous system anatomical chart features labeled parts of the human body 
  • Both sides of the poster have 6.35 microinches (125 microns) lamination
  • It anchors to walls with metal grommets
  • The chart weight is a mere 0.44 lbs. (200 g)
  • The chart features a diagram of the nervous system embryonic development

Use human anatomy charts and models like this human nervous system chart from CeilBlue™ to teach medical students and patients valuable information about how the human body connects, develops and functions. 

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