Narcotics Medication Label Tape - Fentanyl


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Identify narcotic drugs, such as fentanyl, with this narcotics medication label tape — fentanyl. Medical labels improve communication among healthcare workers in a clinic or hospital. This narcotics medical tape includes important information fields like expiration date, expiration time and initials of the healthcare worker. It prevents costly mistakes and improves patient safety. This narcotics tape for fentanyl has 500 labels per pack. It comes packaged on rolls, making it easy to use and dispense. These labels are available in three different denominations, including mg/mL, mcg/mL and 50 mcg/mL.

  • This narcotics medication label tape for fentanyl helps identify this narcotics drug
  • It prevents costly mistakes and improves patient safety
  • There are 500 labels per roll

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