Anatomical Chart - Musculature, Paper


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Many medical professionals use products such as this 3B Scientific® human muscle chart when discussing medical conditions and procedures with patients. Practitioners often employ human anatomy charts to explain injuries and procedures to individuals without medical training.

This musculature anatomical chart provides clear depictions of every muscle in the human body, including the deep arm and back muscles. The poster includes detailed drawings of the intricate face, pelvis, hand and foot musculature. Medical schools and universities often provide charts such as these to professors for use in human biology and physiology classes. Clear labeling makes the chart ideal for educational use.

The muscular system poster also includes a short description of the processes involved in muscle movement and contains illustrations of cardiac, smooth and skeletal muscle fibers.

How much does the muscle chart weigh?

It's featherlight at 0.166 lbs., making it easy to transport.

What are the product's dimensions?

Each muscle anatomy chart is 20 in. x 26 in.


  • Doctors often use this musculature anatomical chart during patient consultations to help patients visualize human anatomy
  • Physicians and physical therapists can employ the muscle anatomy chart to explain injuries and procedures to individuals without medical backgrounds
  • The muscular system poster contains illustrations of every muscle in the human body
  • It includes depictions of hand, face, arm and foot muscles
  • Medical schools and universities often use the product in human anatomy and physiology classes
  • Its clear labeling is useful in academic settings
  • The muscle chart provides a short description of how muscles move
  • It contains illustrations of smooth, cardiac and skeletal muscle fibers
  • Muscle system poster weights an easy-to-carry 0.166 lbs.
  • The poster is 20 in. x 26 in.

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